G. Steinberg

Exceptional value

Gerhard Steinberg was established in 1908 as Steinberg & Co. in Berlin, Germany. In its long history of over a century, the company has been known for producing fine quality instruments at very competitive prices. At the turn of the 21st century, in 2003, Perzina took over the brand and together, the important task of reviving the product.

Manufactured in the same facilities with the famed Perzina pianos, carrying most of the original Perzina designs and material and incorporating all of Perzina’s vast technical knowledge and expertise, the Gerhard Steinbergs have never been in safer hands.

Ideal for the entry level, with outstanding price-performance ratio and beautifully designed cabinets, the G.Steinberg pianos offer an enjoyable playing experience at a very competitive price.

G. Steinberg Products

Each piano is a meticulously hand-crafted instrument which needs an average of 1 year to complete, following in the exact same German techniques as passed down by Gerhard Steinberg and the Perzina brothers.

Today’s Perzina factory, where all G. Steinberg pianos are produced, is a large piano factory that accommodates all stages of production from framework to soundboards and from action building to cabinetry.  In this piano-friendly facility, 300 expert craftsmen work methodically to produce these hand-built instruments delivered across the world.


G. Steinberg 152 Sovereign